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Versija lietuvių kalba – čia.

The decision of the meeting of the Lithuanian Religious Association for Krishna Consciousness (hereinafter – Lithuanian ISKCON) on the October 1st, 2022 regarding Ananda Chaitanya das.

Whereas Ananda Chaitanya das (AKA Aurelius Pieshinas and former Bhakti Svarupa Chaitanya Swami) having the status of a sannyasi – a monk of an extremely responsible level – engaged in illicit sexual relations more than once;

Whereas Ananda Chaitanya das lied many times, denying the allegations, even during official inquiries into his actions;

Whereas Ananda Chaitanya das made many insults, threats and accusations against those appointed to investigate his actions and also tried to mislead and manipulate others;

Whereas Ananda Chaitanya das violated the terms of his probation as set forth in GBC Resolutions (301.6, 2020 and 301.06, 2021);

Whereas Ananda Chaitanya has been violating the instructions until this hearing (October 2022) and has not agreed to do otherwise.

In order to protect the ISKCON community, society and Ananda Chaitanya himself from possible future offenses, the National Council of the Lithuanian Religious Association for Krishna Consciousness has DECIDED:

1. ISKCON Lithuania disassociates itself from the activities of Ananda Chaitanya das, and forbids him to preach, conduct kirtans or hold positions in Lithuanian ISKCON temples, centers, monasteries or other projects, as well as to live there or otherwise use them for his own purposes.

2. Ananda Chaitanja das is prohibited from using the name of ISKCON Lithuania or representing Lithuanian ISKCON in preaching or performing any other activity, as well as collecting donations.

3. Ananda Chaitanja das is also prohibited from visiting Lithuanian ISKCON centers or participating in ISKCON events, celebrations or processions wearing saffron-colored (monk status) clothes.

4. ISKCON Lithuania assumes no responsibility for spiritual or other damage that Ananda Chaitanya das may cause through his independent preaching or behavior in the future. ISKCON Lithuania warns to be cautious about his words, statements or comments, personal or public behavior.

5. ISKCON Lithuania reserves the right to reconsider the prohibions, if Ananda Caitanya das approaches with a request and willingness to fulfill the conditions. Specific conditions and procedures would be discussed upon request.

6. ISKCON Lithuania is ready to provide psychological or spiritual help to Ananda Chaitanya das if he requests it.

7. ISKCON Lithuania admits its fault that it did not take into account unfavorable signs before giving Ananda Chaitanya das a responsible status and failed to protect other ISKCON members from harm, and to protect him from transgressions.

8. ISKCON Lithuania a) will review and modify the procedure for granting recommendations to accept a responsible status or responsible positions; b) will prepare a methodology for assessing possible psychological or other problems of candidates; c) will form a strategy on how to act in the future if there were similar cases.

9. This decision will be forwarded to the ISKCON Worldwide, GBC and ISKCON Sannyasa Committee. ISKCON leaders and responsible devotees in other countries are also invited to join this decision.